Chunk’s Story

Everyone has a beginning, a middle, and an end, including dogs. Everyone has a story sometimes it just takes a little effort to really find it.

This is Chunk’s Story. It’s his beginning and my inspiration. He had a tough start in life and after getting to know him if he had not chosen us for his forever home he may have been in and out of foster care all his life. Once you get to know and understand him you would agree he can be difficult however he is no less loved for all his quirks and OCD.

Puppies found #Chunkshouse #dog #Florida #pets
Puppies from 2015 Hoarding Case

Chunk was born in 2015. We adopted him from Putnam County, Florida and I wish we had taken in a second one of his siblings.

His humble beginnings start with a Putnam, Florida hoarding case that was discovered July 24, 2015. The Florida Department of Children and Families, DCF was conducting an in-office check on two developmentally challenged adults. When they were asked about where they lived they commented that they were afraid of the dogs. The DCF employee was concerned enough to want to check out the home and living conditions further and with the help of the local police a home welfare check was made.

#chunkshouse #dogs #hoarding #PetsDuring a check of the home they found over 60 dogs, 4 exotic birds and 15 cats living inside and a horse out in the yard. A total of 81 animals living in a 3-bedroom single wide trailer with closed windows and no air conditioning.

The animals were never permitted to leave the trailer leaving them unsocialized and in dreadful living conditions. The floors were covered with animal waste 3-4 inches thick and animals that had died were left on the floor or in cages.

After being rescued the dogs didn’t understand eating from bowls, they had never seen a leash and even dirt and grass was frightening as they had never been outside.

#dogs #chunkshouse #pets
Dogs Look out to the world

Animal-cruelty charges were warranted against the owners and the two adults DCF had been assisting were relocated to a new home.

We found Chunk in a foster home that was assisting the overcrowded shelter. At the time, we didn’t even know about his beginnings but that would not have changed our minds. We fell in love with him and wanted to make him a part of our family.

Chunk is an awesome dog with a lot of personality. He had a tough start in life and because of him I decided to start a pet supply store that could support shelters and give back to cases like Chunks.  Shelters can contact us and we will support them and new adoptive pet owners. We are also working on donation program to give back a portion of our sales only to animal hoarding cases. We understand these unexpected cases can place a burden on a community and we want to make the world a better place for dogs like Chunk.

chunks mom 22

dogs in trailer
Dogs surprised to see DCF
#dog #chunkshouse #pets
One of the rooms in the trailer

8 thoughts on “Chunk’s Story

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  1. hello chunk its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am verry glad that yoo and the other dogs got owt of that sitchooayshun and that yoo fownd sutch a grayt home!!! yoo and i hav sumthing in kommon with owr ruff starts but we both did wel with ware we ended up i think!!! ok bye

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    1. Thanks! My husband I think that if we did not take Chunk he would have been in and out of shelters. He is such a great dog just OCD.
      I started a pet supply business and hope to be able to use some of my sales to donate for these cases.

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