I’m on a RANT

Are the pet product industry’s largest pet retailers really looking out for your pet’s safety?

Ok I am a small business owner of a pet supply store. ChunksHouse.com so you can see me as biased, but I do become concerned when it comes to the health of my dog, cat or other furry and feather family members.

This month PetSmart announced it was going after Chewy.

“Recently PetSmart announced its’ plan to acquire Chewy, an online pet foods, treats and products retailer”   And it doesn’t stop here…. Petco and Petsmart are talking about a merger.

A few pet food suppliers ended contracts with the companies because they no longer focus on the pet but on the profit.  OK so we are business owners and trying to make money, but not at the expense of a loved pet! If you remember the tainted pet products that killed thousands of pets across the country you may understand what I am getting at. Small business cares about the customer, people and pet, and wants to help you give a loving home to your furry friend. Large companies buy bulk cheap and end up with a higher percentage of recalled products because they don’t balance people, pet and profit.

OK done with the rant – be careful of what you buy and who you buy from.

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