Humanization of Pet Food

Today’s pet food trends can make finding the perfect food challenging.  Pet owners today want foods that are more like the food they eat themselves. For example: Jerky, All Beef, Vegetarian meals, simple no additives, and Non-GMO. It makes sense that If you like the food – your pet will like as well and transparency of ingredients is a no brainier. I want to know what is in my pet’s food and if it’s good for them.

Two-thirds of dog and cat owners consider a pet as a part of the family leading to the trend of humanization of pets. (I am one of the guilty – my pets are family.) So, it makes sense to think you want the best for your pet but you may also think the best could be the same quality of food you and the rest of the family eat or maybe better.  But is that really the best choice?

Your dog, cat and small pets all have different nutritional needs then people so finding the right food for the right pet at the right stage of life is important.

I am not going to pretend to be the expert on all pet foods because I also believe that each pet has individual nutritional needs. So, what can you do to feed your pet right?

You could make your pet food.  We make a simple chicken and white rice dish for our dogs when they don’t feel well. We also make Christmas dog cookies for our pet friends and use cookie cutters. yes – I am fun like that!

If your buying off the shelf read labels:

Review the product your feeding your pet. The Association of American Feed Control Officials, AAFCO provides labeling requirements for pet food products in the U.S. Unfortunately, the pet food manufactures are not regulated and the following guidelines are just that, but they do have great resources. This link should take you to the pet food and treat label requirements.

Choosing the right food for your pet is a personal choice and sometimes it comes down to what your pet will eat. Do a little research and try a few brands out. We wrote to manufactures and requested samples to see if our pets would eat the food. Most manufactures love to share. Nutrish and Purina are happy to send you stuff.

Good luck and let us know what you feed your pets!

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