Dog Itching Part II

This past spring, I shared with you what Hot Spots are and a few reasons why your dog may itch or develop hot spots. (Post: Dog Itching Part I)

Itchy skin problems on dogs can develop for several reasons and I thought this topic was worth two posts because I meet people all the time at the dog park who talk about a dog with reoccurring hot spots that they just can’t seem to get under control.

Remember Hot Spots is the term used for a dog with a severe case of dermatitis. It’s an overused and generic term that can cover almost any skin problem on your pet. The real alarm is how quickly they grow on your dog.

If your following through on proper grooming of your dog these spots may have another source:

Skin Infections – are caused by bacteria or yeast. It is possible to have a combination of both. Your vet will need to test the infection to determine the best source of treatment.

Allergic reactions – You may never know what your dog is allergic to but you may notice at certain times of the year your pet starts scratching at his skin. Just like you and I your dog can suffer from seasonal allergies.

Stress – Your dog may be OCD. If your meeting all your dog’s needs and he doesn’t have any reason to scratch then your dog may just have a behavioral problem. It could be a bad habit that started during an allergy or other related problem and he just never stopped.

How can you avoid the problem of Hot Spots?

  • Groom your dog regularly – Brush your dog’s coats about once per week and bath your dog once a month
  • If you dog has longer hair clip it during shedding season and hot months. This will help you with the overall grooming of your pet and keep matted hair from forming.
  • Use a once a month Flea and Tick control product even during the winter months.
  • Get outside and play with your dog. Exercise and physical bonding with your pet are import to your dog’s health. It reduces stress, anxiety and boredom.

We are all short on time so I posted on skin infections, allergic reactions, and dog stress as individual posts.

I hope you found this helpful. Please follow my posts and share them! Now stop reading and go play with your dog!

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