Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary seeking help after Irma

The sanctuary is home to more than 50 wolves, some of them abused, seized by authorities, or given up by owners who treated them like pets.

The caretaker, John Knight was getting ready for Irma, he fell off a ladder while cutting oak tree limbs. He suffered five broken ribs, a broken shoulder and a collapsed lung. He was in ICU for two days, but left the hospital before Irma hit so he could ride out the storm at the sanctuary with his wife and his wolves.

Wolf named Jordan

Help is needed! Fencing on the enclosure is falling apart, winds knocked down trees and bent posts.

THEY NEED HELP – Because of the danger the wolves can be to untrained persons they cannot use volunteers. It would be unsafe for them to be around the animals.

“What we need is the resources, the financial resources to hire the specific people to come out here and knock these projects out for us while I’m down,” Knight said. “That’s an expensive thing.”

The wolves rode out the storm without any of them getting hurt.

Knight hopes he can raise about $200,000 needed to keep the sanctuary running.

To donate visit the website below and PLEASE share this post!

NOTE:  To help raise funds The Pet Parent Place is creating a wolf themed t-shirt quilt. the quilt would be raffled off and the funds the profit given to the sanctuary.

We are looking for a talented quilter who could long arm the quilt and donations to help purchase some of the supplies. Please contact us if you can assist.

Donate Directly at:

Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary

Learn more!

Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary 

Big Oak Wolf Sanctuary

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