The Soda Change

I have talked about my eating being based on a lifestyle change. I don’t diet.

So I wanted to start writing about examples as I make changes to my life. so here is my first change…

I stopped drinking soda over 10 years ago. occasionally (1 or 2 times a year) I will have an all-natural soda.

Why don’t I drink soda?

It’s simple. A can of soda can do the following:

  •        Clean car batteries
  •        Remove Gum from hair
  •        Cleans gunk from drains and toilets
  •        Cleans cooking pans/pots
  •        Use in laundry to remove grease.

This is just a short list of what soda can do. So, what is it doing to my insides?

If it strips off gunk, grease and battery erosion it’s probably killing off all the good things inside my body that help my body function. So why would I want to put that in my body? It was just a random thought but one I kept thinking about and didn’t like…. I made a lifestyle change. No more soda.

It wasn’t easy but here is how I did it.

I never drank diet because its worse than regular, but I started by replacing soda with light colored soda such as caffeine free sprite.

I had headaches for a month. To work through the headaches, I had a soda shot. Literally I had a shot glass of soda just for the caffeine, but only when I absolutely had to. Eventually I could be completely off the soda but had replaced it with southern sweet tea. Today I cannot take a sip of soda. It’s a horrible taste.

For sweet tea, I worked to half and half. That’s half sweet and half unsweet until I was on unsweet only. I only drank it when I was out to eat.

I started carrying a bottle of water with me. I refill my water at home and take it out to eat. I don’t like tap water and my house water is filtered twice. Eventuly I noticed I don’t drink the tea anyway… I never did. I only had about a shot glass worth so I just stopped ordering it.

Soda was not my only vice.

I love coffee! But I could go cold turkey on the coffee and I did. Years ago, I drank a pot every day. Over time I drank a cup but never finished it. I think I let go of coffee with the soda, but a year ago I started drinking it again as a morning pleasure.

What stopped me this time.

I was 48 and started having heart palpitations at night. My husband took me to the hospital at 4 a.m. thinking I was having a heart attack. After a 24 hour stay they didn’t know why I was having issues and sent me home with “it could be menopause, heartburn, and we just don’t know”

My primary care doctor confirmed my heart was beating slower at the start of the cycle causing the flutter I was feeling. He didn’t know why. So, on my own I eliminated all stimulates from my diet…. hey the flutter stopped!

Now I drink 1 coffee about every 2 months. It’s like a treat. AND its real coffee not Starbucks with loaded sugars.

My soda habitt not only helped me cut out the soda, but most of the sugar from my eating lifestyle as well. My tastes have changed and I don’t like surgary drinks or as many sweets.

Today I drink water most of the time. On occasion, I drink warm water with lemon or a hot tea with no sugar.

I bring my water with me and no one ever complains.  BTW – I stopped gaining weight as quickly when I dropped the soda and sugar.

Make one small change today!

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