Looking For Our Dream

The past six weeks have been busy! For years my husband and I have been talking about buying a small farm and making our way out of the city.

Although we are from different parts of the county we both grew up in small towns or near farms and city living never fit us all that comfortably. We don’t stay out late and we are up early (before the sun) and always feel stifled not being able to do or live the way we want in such a congested area.

Over the years we looked and considered making a few offers, but this year we decided to try and find the farm of our dreams. In the past six weeks we have looked at over 12 homes. We are still looking!

We learned that we are a part of mass exodus out of the city we live in and many of the homes have had offers within a day of listing.

Our decision did not come over night. Its taken us years to get to this point looking, learning and trying things out at our city home.  I hope that we can share our journey with you as we transform our lives.

In the meantime, I am looking for a name for my blog… I thought we would talk about our adventures and Chunk’s!

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