About Chunk’s House

Good Day Mate!

And Welcome to my blog! I am excited to have you and hope you stay awhile, comment, repost and invite your friends to follow, like and share Chunk’s House!

What is Chunk’s House?

Chunk’s House is a place full of life! My life, your life, neighbors, families, friends and strangers all searching to make a connection in life. Do you have something to say? Give me a shout and write a guest post!

Our humble beginnings.

Chunk’s House started as the Pet Parent Place. I am a proud Pet Parent and love to show off our family’s furry, fuzzy, feathered and occasional scaly and hard-shelled family. Like children pets can be a great deal of time, work and dollars to raise them up right, but they bring buckets of joy and a vast amount of happiness.

(For those who like to argue against animal owners calling themselves Pet Parents for whatever the reason – well we are parents of three wonderful and successful human children and just as proud of them too!)

BUT, over time I found I was writing more and more on other blogs about things that matter to me or random thoughts that just pop into my head from some unknown dark space. Thus, I am expanding my journey and want to invite you along for the ride!

More Than You Wanted to Know:

My family is diverse. We don’t judge because you’re a dog lover, cat lover or bird that aspires to be a velociraptor.

We love the outdoors. Daily dog park trips are a must in our home, but we also enjoy Geocaching, Kayaking, trail walking, road trips, flea markets and exploring the great wilds of life.

We are scattered across the country and have the habit of moving from time to time but our current command center is in Jacksonville, Florida.


I promise to try to keep posts short.  I understand we all have a busy life and sometimes it’s just too hard to read it all. For that reason, I may not cover every detail in a topic. Please don’t hate me for this….be kind.

I do want to encourage you to comment share and participate in posts. You never know, you may have just the responsive help another reader may have needed.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t always post on a regular basis and it can take time for to comment back, but I will try.

I hate to have mention this one, but sometimes it should be said: Don’t post derogatory or demeaning comments about others and please keep it “clean”.

I respect and welcome your opinions but someone’s kid may be looking and read your comment. For this reason, I will remove posts that contain foul language or are derogatory. You are welcome to rephrase and re-post if this happens to you.

Find Happy

Chunk’s House


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