The Soda Change

A can of soda can do the following:        Clean car batteries        Remove Gum from hair        Cleans gunk from drains and toilets        Cleans cooking pans/pots        Use in laundry to remove grease.

It’s A Lifestyle

I have never been one to diet. I love food and I like to cook. I remember when I was a kid my dad would bring home 39 cent cheese burgers for the family…. I could eat 30 on my own and I was the youngest with two older brothers. My parents didn’t teach us... Continue Reading →

Layers of Paint

The WordPress blog assignment for the day is to write about something personal. OMG PANIC! I don’t get personal. I have walls with a lot of layers of paint on them and truthfully there may be more paint on my walls than a 60-year-old high school locker room. You would really have to do a... Continue Reading →

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