Hot Dogs and Heatstroke

Summer’s on its way and the heat is on the rise! Every summer we hear the horrifying news that someone’s pet died after being left alone inside a hot vehicle. Have you heard “Oh, I will only be a few minutes”, “I’m just running into the store”, or “I left the windows cracked”. These reasons... Continue Reading →

A Dogs Tail

In a previous post, I covered the signs to reading your dog’s tail language. Today I want to cover a few more facts about tails that may help you to understand your dog’s behavior. A dog’s primary purpose for a tail is balance. A tail helps a dog balance when running, turning quickly, or just... Continue Reading →

Humanization of Pet Food

Pet owners today want foods that are more like the food they eat themselves. It makes sense that If you like the food - your pet will like as well. I want to know what is in my pet’s food and if it’s good for them.

Learn to Read “Dog” Tail

That wiggly behind on your dog may be telling you a whole lot more than you thought. Wagging butts and tails come in all sizes! Short and stubby, long and fuzzy, straight and curly. Butts with no tails and tails that twirl or sweep off the coffee table. Tails are as diverse as the dogs... Continue Reading →

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